Schroon Lake Chocolate Trail

Join us on Saturday, February 24th 2024 for the first ever Schroon Lake Chocolate Trail!


Satisfy your sweet cravings and immerse yourself in the winter enchantment of Schroon Lake through the Chocolate Trail—an alluring event seamlessly blending delectable treats and the quaint charm of a small Adirondack town. This foodie haven invites you on a delightful foodcation, where you can relish a diverse array of locally crafted chocolates, each a masterpiece of precision and passion by talented artisans. As you explore Schroon Lake's unique culinary scene amidst the picturesque Adirondacks, let the flavors of local food captivate your taste buds, promising a memorable experience for any discerning food enthusiast.


Don't miss the opportunity to complete your Adirondack foodcation with a stay at The Lodge at Schroon Lake. Nestled in the heart of the action, this cozy retreat seamlessly combines rustic charm with modern comfort, providing the perfect accommodation for your winter adventure. Experience the magic of the Schroon Lake Chocolate Trail, where local delights, breathtaking Adirondack scenery, and the inviting ambiance of The Lodge converge for an unforgettable winter escape. Start your foodie journey now and revel in the delectable moments awaiting you in this charming Adirondack town.


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